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Utopia currencies

Crypton and Utopia USD are cryptocurrencies of Utopia ecosystem. Both are available at Utopia's built-in wallet.

Utopia USD


Crypton Exchange

Utopia USD

Utopia USD stablecoin is an anonymous, low cost payment method designed to maintain 1:1 parity with the US Dollar. It is built upon Utopia’s serverless, peer-to-peer blockсhain. UUSD's value is backed by DAI cryptocurrency collateral that is publicly verifiable and equals the total supply of UUSD.


The liquidity of the Utopia USD is supported by several exchanges including Crypton Exchange ensuring fast and cost effective conversion to other currencies. Crypton Exchange is available at https://crp.is/ or CRP from inside the Utopia ecosystem.

The purpose of UUSD is to provide price stability to Utopia users. UUSD represents an attractive option to make payments without being subjected to unnecessary market volatility risk which is essential to daily business/private transactions.

Utopia USD provides a combination of features unique for the cryptocurrency market:

Shop with Utopia

1800+ online shops and services accepts Utopia USD and Crypton


Crypton is a decentralized cryptocurrency and the main payment unit of Utopia ecosystem. Official ticker of Crypton is CRP. The entire process of mining and buying ecosystem resources is denominated in Crypton.

Crypton was designed to provide an instant, untraceable and irreversible mean of payment, so your identity is 100% protected.

The purpose of mining is to promote the stability of the ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections. Utopia rewards users that support ecosystem through mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia bot you will receive your share of collective reward. In addition to mining, you will receive regular interest on your Crypton balance.

Unique features of Crypton include:

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